Ichkabal the Great Mayan City of Quintana Roo

Located south of Quintana Roo, specifically in the municipality Bacalar 40 kilometers west of the Bacalar Lagoon and 9 kilometers northeast of Dzibanche, forming a circuit of Mayan monuments, along with Kinichna and Kohulich.

In fact, these monuments have found traces of the Mayan occupation before the collapse, when the population abandoned these buildings, in the year 900 BC. Which is why, today, it is considered the most relevant Mayan city in the Yucatan Peninsula, which could have meant the most important political center of pre-Hispanic civilization, as well as the place where the lineage of the Divine Lords of Kanal originated, known for being the most important of this culture.

Ichkabal has also a lagoon or watery of 80×60 meters with an almost perfect rectangle. This lagoon apparently has on its shores stones that prevent erosion. So it has been preserved in its entirety since the Mayan occupation.

This water supply system has been a factor that allows extensive research regarding the agricultural development of this civilization. Well, according to archaeologists, the Mayan Civilization in the city of Ichkabal may have used other methods regarding agriculture that we do not know before.