In the assumption that one person enrolls another(s), he assumes in his name the total content of these general conditions.

Reinbursement Policies

30 days or more previous to the departure: 100% of the contracted trip

16-29 days previous to the departure: 60% of the contracted trip

8-15 days previous to the departure: 40% of the contracted trip

0-7 days previous to the departure:  0% of the contracted trip

The previous penalties and indemnizations will not be applied when the customer gives his place to another person and if the companies that are giving the services do not block them and the modification is done with more than 7 working days previous to the date of departure and in the same conditions that were established at the purchase.

In case that the cancellation done by someone else modifies the reservation and generates that another traveler arrives alone, this person will have to pay the supplement applied to the individual traveler that is established.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Please check your specific itinerary or travel package to know what is included in your travel.


The lodgings are in rooms of two people and more, unless the opposite is indicated in your itinerary/travel package.  We could provide lodging for just one person when applied for and in accordance to the availability, and the tariff shall be defined case by case.

Changes of the itinerary and cancellations carried out by LATITUD MAYA

In this type of adventure travels there exist many other causes that are not just limited to climate and environmental factors that can require changes in the itinerary. In case that LATITUD MAYA can not operate in accordance to which was planned due to the wind, climate conditions, force majeure isssues or factors out of our control, we will modify the itinerary and no reinbursement will be given.  We do not guarantee any sighting of wildlife, neither your interaction with it or the behaviour of the same.

If LATITUD MAYA can not operate the itinerary due to mechanical factors, of personnel of other operational internal factors that we can not solve in a reasonable time, we will provide a complete reinbursement.

Exclusions and forms of personal information

All travelers must sign a responsive letter/releasing of accountability before the departure

Refusal of Service

All the travelers must be subject to the communicated protocols and to the regulations that apply to the  activities in protected natural areas or of interaction with the wildlife.

Use of illegal drugs during the travel

Intoxication (by drugs or alcohol) during the trip

Physical or verbal abuse to the personnel or passangers and menacing behaviour

Violation of the defined policies by LATITUD MAYA with respect to the interaction with the species and hábitat


LATITUD MAYA keeps an insurance policy that gives basic coverage in case of accidents for all the passangers during the tours, it is highly suggested that all passangers buy a travel insurance and study their coverages and limitations.

Contractual condition

LATITUD MAYA could supend the performace of those trips subject to a minimum of participants, when this number is not reached. The suspension should be communicated to the registered clients with a minimum of 5 working days previous to the forseen date of departure. In this case, the client will have the right to a reinbursement of tha amounts anticipated for the trip, but will not have right to any kind of indemnization.

LATITUD MAYA reserves the right to admit or expulse those persons that in its objective criteria do not meet the necessary requirements for the performace of the trip, or that with their behaviour make difficult the good functioning of the tour or the harmony of the group.


The client is obliged to communicat in written to LATITUD MAYA, within the first fifteen days after the tour, any breach in the execution of the contract that he proved in situ.

Modifications of the itinerary and hotels during the travel

THE CLIENT accepts specifically the in situ modifications of the itinerary or the substitution of services than can be performed by LATITUD MAYA by obliged climate circumstances, by  unforseen impositions of the zone providers, or by force majeure causes (unforseen, abnormal or outside circumstances). Any other route alteration should be approved by the group and specifically agreed by LATITUD MAYA.

THE CLIENT accepts also the change of hotel that is produced in situ if he obtains a similar category or equal or better conditions to the ones settled  in the initial itinerary.


These general conditions clauses have been drafted on the 1st of july 2019 and have an indefinite validity, and could be modified in accordance to the needs of LATITUD MAYA.